A. Smart Sellers Pack

What does this pack include?

 Comprehensive evaluation of the property.

It includes three independent evaluations documented and the final point of addition and subtraction of co factors that will help you to position your house with strength and at a competitive price, always respecting your last word.

 Verification of the documentation of the property.

What do you sell? Appears to be a house and is a registry solar ?, Are there unresolved writing problems, prescribed or not? , what meters are published ?, coincide ?. The  legal team checks all this to avoid last minute surprises from minute 0.

 Home staying.

Let us unlink your home from your CV, we will strengthen your strengths, even more, small decorative touches to make your debut in the market burst with force.

 Quality photo report and description.

The photographs are important, almost the most important thing and for what potential buyers choose when visiting a property, they should not cheat, but if they suggest and invite, a property is much more than an asset, it is a way of life and the materialization of a dream, this way your house will be shown, with an honest description that communicates and transfers its potential to the interested party.

 Publication in payment webs , networks and crossings by synergy of interest.

Opening your home to the largest number of interested parties in your acquisition is the best way to obtain the highest amount in the sale and for that you need visibility and positioning. Under the branding of our brand you will get that prominent position in the specialized portal of more traffic and thus to more than 20 national real estate portals, and in social networks. In addition, when an interested party has contacted another property with similar characteristics to yours and if you wish, automatically, you will receive the form of your house that fits your demand profile. Multiplying candidates for yourself!

 Management of calls and mails.

Who ever sold your house knows how difficult it is to always answer, either because you are working, in a meeting, in the cinema, in the shower, etc. and when you call back, the interested party is there, the mailbox or others. All ads under the  badge are redirected to the physical office, yes, yes, physical, where the interested party will be attended and informed and on the same call, will close a visit to the property of their interest at the most convenient time and date. . Immediately, the smart seller, you, will receive an email and wtsp, with your scheduled visit.

 Identification of interested parties.

Don´t worry! We know who you open your house to! When you are scheduled to visit an interested party, it will include your name and surname, contact telephone number, email, even ID card number, if you require it.

 Contracts of the sale process.

Your  coach, after knowing your property, will send you the contracts you need, written by our legal department, so that the sale is safe, even the signal and / or proposal prior to the arragment contract, everything under control!

 Real renovation budget.

How many interested parties try to negotiate downward based on renovation assumptions, almost as many as selling sellers. With  you will receive a real budget, if your property needs it, prepared by our collaborating reformers, without any commitment of acceptance, just so that you argue with the final price of your house. This tool will help the interested party decide to acquire it, without scares.

 Monitoring of statistics.

The apps are great, but there is one that always works and is irreplaceable, it’s called a human factor. In , we are your sales coach, we will be the ones who will report the response of those interested in the market about your house and other neighbors, statistics at a glance and if you want to verify them for yourself … too! Do not miss out on apps and enjoy like the smart seller you are!


Do you know what you are going to pay when you sell your house? … capital gains, how it affects your IRPF, etc. With  yes, we will do the calculation, advising you always within the legal framework, on the best way and get the best result from you without harming the buyer. What you will not spend anything when you sell your house is in commissions, without Commissions of traditional real estate agencies and with all the services that they offer.

 Financing for your buyers.

Already have you the buyer? If they wish,  will introduce them with the best options for their mortgage through the financial entities with which  has agreements and which will offer to them the best financing options for the acquisition of the property. And free of  commissions too!

For the Smart Seller it is clear!

How much would you have to pay to hire these 12 points, which give you a safe sale?
The Smart Sellers choose all this service without commissions, neither before, nor during, nor at the end of their sale.

All this for € 895 + VAT,

Unbelievable? With amashome it’s real, hire it now!

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